Countering vandalism

LOCAL councillors plan to meet to discuss the recent incidents of vandalism in Arbroath following a further spate of destruction over the weekend.

Police are appealing for information regarding several episodes throughout the town over Friday and Saturday.

Some time between 7 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday, a window was smashed at the Ironing Maiden store in Ponderlaw Street.

On the same evening a wing mirror was removed from a car in Grant Road and other cars in the street appeared to have had their wing mirrors kicked but they were not damaged.

Also on Friday, another car wing mirror on a vehicle in Millgate Loan was damaged.

In the early hours of Saturday a disused shop in West Port had its window smashed.

Overnight on Friday, a further three cars were damaged in Bridge Street.

A police spokesman stated: “If you know who is responsible or have any information which could help police with any of those incidents please contact us on 0300 111 22 22 or speak with any officer.

Councillor Ewan Smith said: “There have been a number of vandalism incidents in Arbroath over the summer months which we have to be acutely aware of both as a community and a council.
“I will be making arrangements to speak with other councillors and the local police to establish what preventative measures are already in place or can implemented.”

Graeme Dey MSP urged any member of the public with information concerning these incidents of vandalism or indeed any others to come forward and assist the police in identifying the perpetrators.

He continued: “People should be able to leave their cars parked overnight in the street or their businesses locked up for the evening without fear of returning to find damage has been done to them.”

Police revealed on Tuesday that two men aged 16 and 17 had been charged with six crimes of vandalism in Arbroath over the weekend and a report has been sent to Procurator Fiscal.