Councillors condemn Keptie Pond vandalism

ARBROATH West and Letham councillor Peter Nield will ensure that measures are taken to clean up Keptie Pond after viewing the results of vandal activity during a visit to the facility on Sunday.

He stated: “When taking my grandson to feed the ducks on Sunday I was shocked to see the state of Keptie Pond.

“Only last week I was able to report the unanimous support for work to be carried out on Keptie Pond. And not a week later the vandals have been at it, spoiling one of Arbroath’s beauty spots.”

Councillor Nield hit out at the mindless yobs who are wrecking one of the town’s beauty spots, labelling them cowards.

“The pond has what looks like either petrol or diesel along the path nearest the Water Tower, a door and a very large sheet of plywood floating about the pond, numerous logs/tree trunks thrown in, from where I don’t know, litter and rubbish strewn around and the last straw is a litter bin thrown into the pond.

“These mindless individuals have no respect for wildlife, property or the town. Someone must know who has done this but like all vandals I bet they are too cowardly to come forward.

“The soft touch approach Mr Justice Minister is not working. It is about time these idiots got a kick up the backside from the courts that are properly empowered to make them make reparation and clean the whole pond out.”

He went on: “Whoever is responsible should be downright ashamed of themselves. Indeed if anyone has any information about the perpetrators, please let me know or contact the police direct. The individuals concerned should be made to clean it up.”

Councillor Nield states that the recent high winds are not to blame as the vandalism has taken place since then.

He stresses that the vandalism will not put him off spending money on bringing the pond back to life.

Councillor Nield concluded: “Keptie Pond is an asset to Arbroath and I will not let vandals and idiots spoil this facility for the decent law abiding citizens of Arbroath.”

His colleague on the ruling Angus Alliance, Councillor David Fairweather, commented: “I don’t understand why people would want to dump their rubbish in the pond.

“It is an area of natural beauty in Arbroath with various different species so I don’t know why people just want to spoil it.

“There is a recycling point only half a mile away from the pond where people can take their rubbish instead of dumping it and ruining the area for other people.”