Concern for safety of young cyclists

POLICE in Arbroath are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise in the number of reports about inconsiderate, erratic and ultimately dangerous behaviour of young cyclists.

The manner of their cycling puts them and other road users at serious risk, particularly during hours of darkness, when some have been on their bikes without wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and without proper lights and reflectors fitted to their cycles.

With the end of British Summer Time almost upon us, local officers have issued a timely reminder in respect of road safety for cyclists and are urging everyone, parents included, to take heed.

The Highway Code provides rules and advice for pedal cyclists and by following these, cyclists can help themselves to keep safer when out cycling.

l It is a legal requirement that your bike is fitted with a red rear reflector and amber pedal reflectors. At night, you are required to use a white front and red rear light.

l Make sure your reflectors are clean and that lights are in working order.

l Always choose the right size and type of cycle for comfort and safety, with the saddle and handlebars adjusted to the correct height.

l Check your bike before you use it. Check the tyres are inflated correctly and the brakes work properly. Also check your gears and chain regularly.

l Wearing light or fluorescent and reflective outer clothing or accessories whilst cycling will help other road users see you.

l Wearing a cycle helmet which does not obstruct vision which is of the correct size and conforms to current safety regulations is recommended.

If anyone is unsure of what they are required to have fitted to their bike, parent or child, they are encouraged to speak to any police officer or bring their cycle along to Arbroath Police Office.