Bogus Microsoft callers bug Arbroath man

AN ARBROATH man says he has been hassled by cold calling scammers with unsettling knowledge.

Lee Rennie, a full-time foster carer said that on Sunday and Monday of this week a man with an Asian accent called him to tell him about a problem with his computer and television.

On Sunday Mr Rennie received a call to tell him that there was a fault with his television, disturbingly, the man was able to tell him the exact make and model.

Mr Rennie added: “Today (Monday) about quarter past three I had a ‘phone call from a guy who said that I had downloaded harmful files.”

According to him his computer had not been used for the last three weeks and he is always very careful about using firewalls and anti-virus protection, so this started alarm bells ringing.

The man asked for remote desktop access to his computer so that he could fix the problem, but when he began to question the man he rang off.

Mr Rennie continued: “He said he was working with Microsoft, but when I asked him for his company name and number he hung up on me.”

Mr Rennie also noticed that there were only four digits in the caller’s telephone number, and when he attempted to return the call he was informed that it was no longer in use.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Our trading standards officers are aware of this scam, which has been around for some time.

“The caller pretends to be from Microsoft and states that you have or are at risk of computer viruses and asks to access your computer to add anti-virus software.

“Once they have control of your computer all of your files can be copied, including personal information. They will then take a payment by credit card for their services. Microsoft do not cold call computer users.

“Our advice is that if anyone receives such a call, they should not allow any access to their computer or give out any personal information or credit card details. For further assistance or advice, contact Angus Council trading standards through the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”