Beware of bogus workmen

TAYSIDE Police are making enquiry with a view to tracing those responsible after a bogus workman called at the home of an elderly couple at Tarry Dykes, Arbroath, on Friday, offering to carry out gardening work for which he was paid £50.

On Sunday the workman returned to finish off the work and demanded another £50, but the couple refused. On Monday the woman noticed that her purse was missing. The item is described as being navy blue and long.

If anyone calls at your door claiming to be a workman or official of any description, demand to see their identification. Genuine callers will not object and should have appropriate ID. Do not be afraid to make them wait outside and contact the company or organisation they claim to be with for verification.

Bogus callers do tend to be plausible. It’s not surprising as they have usually prepared for a long time and their aim is to gain entry under false pretences. If, for whatever reason, your suspicions are not satisfied, do not let them in. Shut the door and call the police.

Anyone with information that can assist police enquiries with regards to this incident or who has any information in relation to bogus callers or workmen should call Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222, or speak to any police officer.