Anger at playpark vandalism

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AN ARBROATH councillor has spoken out following an attack by vandals on a new playpark, before it is even officially opened.

Independent Arbroath West and Letham Councillor David Fairweather aired his disgust after discovering the damage at the weekend.

He said: “It was with dismay that I passed the new £500,000 play park at West Links on Saturday morning and witnessed that already one part of the new features had been vandalised.”

A large stone chess piece had been removed, leaving a metal pole protruding and creating a serious health and safety issue.

Councillor Fairweather added: “Removing this heavy object, which a hurricane would have struggled with, not only placed youngsters at risk from it rolling over but the metal rod it sat on could have caused serious damage to a child falling on it.”

Angus Council have since repaired the vandalism and it will officially be opened on Thursday morning by Provost of Angus Mrs Helen Oswald.

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