Crest unveiled at council meeting

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THE ROYAL Burgh of Arbroath Community Council has adopted a new crest by a local designer as part of an attempt to modernise with an online presence.

The redesigned crest was fashioned by Steven Patrick Sim, creator of the Red Lichtie tartan, which has also been adopted by the council as the district tartan.

The crest will be used by the councillors on the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council (RBACC) Facebook page which will be launched in the new year.

The new look crest was unveiled to the community councillors at their annual general meeting last Wednesday.

Steven said: “The one they have at the moment is quite tired. It was a surprise to many, as although everyone most likely knew it was getting re-worked, I think no one other than the secretary knew it was going to be presented at that meeting.

“They were all quite impressed, surprised and pleased and they unanimously adopted it as the RBACC’s new crest. It was good to upgrade it to harmonise with their new tartan. The whole thing is now looking more regal.”

The existing crest was blue, an anomaly considering the town’s long association with red and maroon, and one that Steven has now corrected.

He said: “As the original printed crest was in blue, I created a blue version as well as the red, and I presented both along with a new banner to be used on their forthcoming Facebook page.

“Much to the amusement of all there, I suggested maybe the crest was meant to be blue.

“However, after the designs were passed round the tables, it became apparent that the red was preferred.”

Community council chairman, Mike Cosans, is very happy with the design. He said: “We’re delighted with it. Steven did that as a sort of a thank you for our help in establishing the district tartan.”

However, Mr Cosans explained the new crest is not a replacement, as the original one remains registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon, which is responsible for administering crests in Scotland.

He said: “It’s not the official crest, that still has to remain as it is registered with the Lord Lyon, but he did it for the Facebook page we are going to be doing. We are trying to bring ourselves up to the 21st Century and reach as big a demographic as possible and we are trying to raise our profile within the community.”