Court can be a place to share our skills

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Arbroath’s Sheriff Court building which is set to be vacated in May next year should be transformed into a place to help people feel part of a community.

That has been another suggestion of what the court could be used for once all business transfers to Forfar next year.

Last month, local MP Mike Weir and MSP Graeme Dey had hoped that if the building can’t be sold it could become a community asset and possibly turned into a town museum.

But Katie Anderson from Angus College believes utilising the building as a place that both young and old can learn skills together could benefit the town.

She said: “I work at Angus College and I see, first hand, hundreds of young people who are down on life. They have very little opportunity to feel associated with their community.

“If the building was re-opened as a SkillShare centre, it could follow the lead of Dundee.

“We could take a multigenerational approach with retired trades-people teaching our younger generations various skills such as skills for work and skills for life like cooking and knitting etc.

“We could have our young people teaching their elders about new technologies, for example.  

“We could encourage multicultural activities that might bring our local and Eastern European communities together.

“The possibilities are endless. Let’s hope that our politicians see sense and open something that is a worthwhile addition to the community.”