Couple travel 6,000 miles to see Bell Rock

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BRAZILIAN couple Mozartino and Tati Iochims have finally embarked on the final 11 miles of their 6,000-mile journey to visit the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

The couple sailed from Arbroath Harbour aboard the Ultimate Predator to the lighthouse last Wednesday to fulfil a long-held dream of Mozartino’s who named his pub in Porto Alegre The Bell Rock Pub.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to see the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

“Whenever I looked at the pictures of the Bell Rock Lighthouse on the wall of my bar, I vowed that one day I would go there and now this day has come!”

After visiting the lighthouse the couple were met at the harbour by members of the Year of the Light Steering Committee who are co-ordinating the bicentenary celebrations.

Janet Russell of the Arbroath and area local community planning team, said: “The arrival of visitors from Brazil specifically to visit the Bell Rock Lighthouse shows the pull of this iconic structure and also demonstrates how the Year of the Light is helping to bring Arbroath into the international spotlight.”

The couple also visited Arbroath Abbey and explored as much of the town as they could before returning to Edinburgh on Thursday.

Pictured are Mozartino and Tatiane at the Bell Rock Lighthouse with Alex and Jim Smith, owners of the Ultimate Predator.