Counterfeiting initiative

ANGUS Council Trading Standards Service has launched a local initiative to tackle the problem of counterfeiting in markets, on the internet, in licensed premises, in the workplace and in cottage industries operating from home addresses.

The project, launched on Wednesday, will focus on improving the flow of information, from the public and businesses about the sale of fake goods. Posters and leaflets will be distributed throughout local communities and to high street retailers. Trading standards officers will also visit local markets to check for counterfeit goods on sale.

Angus Council trading standards spokesperson Councillor David May said: “We hope through this initiative to change the public’s perception of counterfeiting, and show that it is a serious crime. If members of the public think that someone is selling counterfeit goods, they should contact Trading Standards on 01241 435600 and ask for the duty officer, or e-mail Information, such as why the goods appear to be fake, will also be helpful.”