Councillor pledges to donate his expenses

Ewan Smith
Ewan Smith

An Arbroath councillor is following to the full his remit to help the community and intends to donate his travel expenses.

Arbroath West and Letham Independent councillor Ewan Smith is to claim his full entitlement of travel expenses and donate them to good causes.

He said: “I’ve now decided that a better use of my travel expenses for my own constituents is not under-claiming but to claim my full entitlement and then donate the exact same amount to local charities and community groups.

“From April 2015, I will be doing this for each and every year I am a councillor.

“There are so many deserving causes and I could donate a small amount to each of them or I could channel more towards one or two groups a year.

“I feel more inclined to do the latter because, while my expenses aren’t going to be huge, there should be enough of an annual claim to make a little bit of a difference to these groups or charities. I claimed £0 in travel expenses last year so that bill will be considerably more this year but for every penny I claim a penny will be donated to benefit the people of Arbroath West and Letham.

“Each councillor has a right to determine what they claim - within their entitlement - and what to do with it.

“Many councillors already donate heavily to local charity and since I announced my plan last week one other councillor has said they are now looking to do the same. I’m delighted to hear this.”