Councillor concerned over rocks near slipway

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AN ARBROATH councillor has voiced concerns over the suitability of the proposed slipway development.

Councillor Alex King said he is worried about about the submerged rocks nearby that could create a serious problem for boating traffic.

He explained that while the rocks are perfectly visible at low tide, at high tide they represent a serious sub-sea hazard to boats.

He asked: “Who is liable?”

He believes that, with it being a publicly run slipway, Angus Council would be liable for any damages caused to boats as a result of using the facility.

He added: “Once the council make it an official landing site and start charging for it, well then, look out boys.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We are just beginning the process of considering the options, including the best alignment and configuration of a possible slipway.

“We may take legal advice regarding the implications of any rock outcropping in the area, but we first need to undertake some survey work to establish the existing physical situation with respect to the proposed position for the slipway.”

The Arbroath Herald would like to point out that the picture on Friday identifying the proposed slipway site was in fact of the West Links slipway and not the Inchcape slipway.

We would like to apologise for any confusion this may have caused.