Council to repair play equipment after dad’s concern

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ANGUS Council have pledged to repair the slide at Inverkeilor Park after claims it was a safety hazard for young children.

The dangerous nature of the slide bar was brought to attention by Arbroath man Dane Smith, who often takes his two year-old daughter to the facility.

He claims that the corroded slide bar has been left like that for months and is demanding that they improve the play equipment.

Dane told us: “The bar has been corroded like that for months. It’s a serious health and safety risk for my almost two year old girl.

“Angus Council have known about the state of the park for months if not years yet they haven’t done anything of note.

“The people of Inverkeilor have tried to make the council upgrade the park for years and even now are fund-raising.

“There is a primary school actually the other side of the fence, so obviously lots of other children will be using it.

“My daughter might try getting up the stairs alone and it might end up snapping, so I want it either fixed or replaced.

“Having it taken away and a new one not put in place is not an option as far as I’m concerned.

“Then there would be only be four swings of which only two are child safe and are very old and rusted.

“Also she loves slides.”

However, a spokesperson for Angus Council said quick action would be taken to rectify the problem.

They said: “We will be repairing the slide bar at Inverkeilor Park as soon as possible this week, and meantime, the slide will be fenced off.”

Last week it was announced that the local authority is planning to cut the number of play parks across Angus from 100 to 50.

However, it is recommended that Inverkeilor Park is retained.

This has now gone out to public consultation.

Also earlier this year, it was announced that an injection of council cash worth up to £20,000 was being awarded to Arbroath and the surrounding area.

From this, money was set aside for the redevelopment of Inverkeilor Park.