Council to make decision on dredging

ANGUS Council is expected to make a decision next week on dredging Arbroath harbour.

The infrastructures services executive sub-committee will meet on Monday to discuss the silt build up in the harbour which can block the launch of the RNLIB Inchcape at low spring tide.

It is understood that around 3,000 cubic metres of silt has built up in the harbour since dredging duties were discontinued in December 2010.

Harbour issues are very close to the heart of Independent councillor Bob Spink. He said: “We used to get Moray Council’s ‘Shearwater’ to dredge the harbour for the last six years, but unfortunately that boat’s a bit knackered.

“I understand they’re currently building another one but it could be years before that comes to fruition.”

Moray Council used to hire ‘Shearwater’ to Angus Council for £40,000 per year, but they have struggled to find as good a deal since putting the contract out to tender.

Councillor Spink described some of the tenders as “eye watering”.

The Arbroath Herald will have more details as they emerge following the meeting on Monday.

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