Council shake-up approved

ANGUS Council will undergo extensive remodelling according to a proposal agreed at the last full council meeting.

A report by Angus Council’s chief executive Richard Stiff was presented at the meeting in Forfar on Thursday outlining the need for future structural reorganisation for the authority.

The report made three suggestions on how the authority could continue to perform effectively in meeting the aspirations of residents and the requirements of national government.

The first proposal was a further streamlining of the already proven current model, by eliminating ‘back room’ duplication and cutting some posts.

However, the report did not find this ideal as a long term solution. It stated: “A further period of gradual change would not enable the council to deliver its priorities including improved services or to enable more creative and cross cutting management focussed on outcomes, prevention and partnership.”

The second proposal centred around reducing the number of departments from seven to five by rationalising executive roles and redesigning management and responsibilities.

Although this proposal moved the council in a positive direction it was felt to be ultimately unsustainable.

The report stated: “It might lead to a need for a further review potentially leading to ongoing uncertainty, lower morale, and reduced efficiency over time. A more fundamental reshaping was required.”

The third option presented to councillors called for Angus Council to be re-zoned according to three strategic responsibilities and outcomes, work for the citizen, work for communities and work for the council itself.

The report stated: “The council would benefit most from service delivery to a cross cutting approach focussed on outcomes.

“This would be in line with the progress of outcomes based public service delivery at national level including the growing focus on partnership delivery.”

Summing up the report for the assembled councillors, Ian Gaul, leader of Angus Council said: “The options we have got before us and they are the same options as we started off with. A) do nothing; B) go through a long painful death; or C) go for the quick surgery.”

Councillor Gaul recommended the uptake of Option C, this was agreed by the assembly and will go into effect in April next year.