Council set for talks with football club

A MEETING between Angus Council and an Arbroath junior football club is to take place in the next week to discuss plans to find them a new home ground.

The local authority has deemed Seaton Park, home of Arbroath SC, surplus to requirements and on Thursday councillors agreed to proceed with the next stage of the regeneration of the Cliffburn area, which includes the football ground.

Last month, officials from ASC spoke of the disappointment of not being consulted by the local authority on these plans and claimed there had been a lack of help from them in finding a new home.

The club has just celebrated its golden jubilee year and has used Seaton Park as their home since 1986.

However, Councillor Donald Morrison raised ASC’s concerns at the meeting and was assured the council does plan to work with them.

He said: “Given recent media reports from the Arbroath SC and the lack of contact between them and the council and the manner in which they found out about the ending of their lease, I raised my concerns at committee.

“This is a long standing community sports club and there are concerns that if a suitable new site can’t be found then the club could fold.

“I have been given confirmation by the director of neighbourhood services that a meeting is to take place between the club and council to discuss alternative sites.”

At Thursday’s meeting, the proposed next stages in the regeneration of the area were brought forward in a report to committee.

The plans included the creation of a community hub, consideration for the best use of Seaton Park, proposals to sustain regeneration and employment and the formation of a new federation of tenants to ensure close links with residents and local community planning team.

As reported in last week’s Herald, a community development worker will also be appointed costing the council a total of £47,000 over a possible three years.

The position will include working with the Association of Residents of Cliffburn and Hayshead (ARCH) to provide a link with them and the community planning team. Convener of neighbourhood services Councillor Jim Millar is hoping these proposals will further improve the area and hopes all parts of the community will have their say on what they would like to see.

He said: “The Cliffburn area has benefited from a  good number of improvements to both the environment and housing stock during the past years, with council efforts being well supported by  the community, in particular by ARCH. The next stage will further improve and enhance the area.

“We hope that once the hub is up and running, it will become the heart of the area and provide a strong and vibrant focus for community involvement.”