Council reaffirms committment to FairTrade

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FAIRTRADE in Angus was highlighted at the full council meeting in Forfar this week.

Yesterday (Thursday), Provost of Angus and Carnoustie councillor Mrs Helen Oswald raised the issue of making Angus a Fairtrade county.

The Provost briefly outlined the Fairtrade campaign in Angus. She said: “In 2003 Angus Council committed to becoming a Fairtrade council and reaffirmed this in 2009.

“It doesn’t take a lot to support Fairtrade, many of the items we use every day can support Fairtrade.

“I feel Angus Council needs to have some enthusiasm injected into it, and I would like to see more Fairtrade used by the council.”

Councillors were asked to support the motion to reaffirm their support for Fairtrade in Angus and Scotland.

The motion was seconded by councillors Jeanette Gaul, David May, Sheena Welsh, Martyn Geddes, Ewan Smith, Donald Morrison, Bill Bowles and Brian Boyd.

It was passed unanimously and the councillors and officials were asked to take the message back to their staff to endeavour to use Fairtrade goods wherever possible.

Councillors were also reminded that there would be a Fairtrade fashion show at the Panbride Church Hall, 7 p.m. on Friday, September 14, with tickets priced at £2.50.