Council promises to weed High Street

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AN ARBROATH lady has raised the issue of rampant weeds giving the town a rundown look.

Rose Thompson highlighted the issue of weeds blighting the town’s streets and believes tourism will remain low until something is done about it.

She said: “People coming to Arbroath have got nothing to look forward to.

“Arbroath is just a dirty, filthy place now. Why doesn’t the council do something about it?”

Mrs Thompson was able to pinpoint some of the problem areas. She said: “Arbroath Housing Association ought to be ashamed of themselves. You’ve got to step over the weeds to get in the door.

“The Abbey has got that beautiful little flower garden, you ought to see the weeds now. Can’t the council worker bend down?

“What’s Arbroath coming to? Arbroath never used to be like this. I know shops are closing but we don’t need to go right down the hill.

“The Applegate is terrible on both sides. Years ago the shop keepers would remove all of them, but they don’t do that now.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “A recent tendering exercise to procure a weed control contractor for Angus was unsuccessful.

“We are currently considering alternative means of procuring the service and hope to have a contractor in place shortly. We will remove any problem weeds meantime.”