Council presses ahead with Seaton Park plans

COUNCILLORS were deciding yesterday (Thursday) whether to agree to fund a dedicated community worker who would assist with the redevelopment of Seaton Park.

The Cliffburn area has already undergone considerable regeneration in recent years and earlier this year Angus Council decided to deem Seaton Park surplus to requirements.

It is thought the park could be used to create more social housing and the local authority is keen for ARCH (Association of Residents of Cliffburn and Hayshead) to ensure the local community have their say on any proposals for the site.

And now the neighbourhood services committee is recommending that the council employ a community development worker to ensure there is a link between the local authority and community.

The position would be for 20 hours a week and could be for a period of three years, costing a total of £47,000. A report by neighbourhood services director Ron Ashton says that ARCH welcomed the opportunity that had arisen at Seaton Park to redevelop the area.

He stated: “ARCH has welcomed the opportunity to bring forward this crucial stage of the regeneration of the Cliffburn area, but recognise that there will be a considerable amount of work involved in planning for the area from the ground up, working with possible developers and realising the potential this further phase of regeneration can bring to the community, and ensuring the proposals go beyond a simple construction project.

“To further this, ARCH have requested support from Angus Council to develop capacity within the local community to develop plans and proposals for not just the Seaton Park site but also for other areas of ground and assets within the Cliffburn area.

“These proposals have a resonance with the current direction of travel for Angus Council in terms of regeneration, community planning and community management of local assets furthering Angus’s commitment to local solutions for local issues.”

However, the redevelopment of Seaton Park may come at a price for junior football club Arbroath SC who use the ground for their home games.

Their lease of the park is not being renewed and they will have to find an alternative venue for their home games.