Council considers payment options

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On Thursday Angus Council will consider adopting a new model for customer cash payment facilities in burghs.

At present customers can pay council tax, rent and other council services, in cash at seven local ACCESS offices.

In the report to council, members are asked to consider the replacement of the existing ACCESS office cash payment facilities with alternatives, such as post offices or Paypoint facilities in local shops and other premises. If the report is approved payment services would then have to be procured.

As a new integrated library and customer contact service is introduced in burgh libraries next year, ACCESS offices will close as the buildings will no longer be needed.

Council leader Iain Gaul said the payment proposals in the report will offer customers more local facilities and afford the council a less costly and more sustainable payment option.

“The collection of regular cash payments through local offices is one of the most expensive methods. A number of councils have already stopped taking such payments and like them we cannot afford to ignore the more cost-effective options available. Our budgets have never been more pushed.

“By taking cash payments out of council offices we can save money in cash collection, security and property costs. By putting payment facilities in local post offices or other premises we will improve our service for customers in terms of more premises and longer opening hours. It will also help to sustain some local businesses.”