Council change heating policy

ANGUS Council is to change its policy on heating replacements to allow electric central heating systems to be changed to gas.

This is where the property will otherwise fail energy efficiency compliance standards, and the tenant agrees to the change.

The neighbourhood services committee agreed to the policy change at their meeting  on Thursday January.

Convener of neighbourhood services, Councillor Donald Morrison said: “Our current policy means that we can only offer a direct replacement of the original heating type, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

“Like other local authorities, we must comply with the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) by 2015 and some of our electric central heating systems will fail to meet this standard. We intend to change these electric systems to gas.”

He added: “Angus Council is already 100 per cent compliant with three of the five SHQS criteria and this heating change, plus a programme of door entry system installations will bring us up to standard in all criteria.

“It will also help us to get a head start on meeting the Scottish Government’s proposed Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) which comes into force in 2015. It sets more demanding energy efficiency requirements with a deadline for compliance of 2020.”

The current housing stock is around 7,770, with 2,732 having electric central heating systems.

It is estimated that 1,175 electrical central heating systems will fail SHQS and could be changed to gas. A detailed survey will be carried out to identify the affected properties.