Council care centres embrace Olympics!

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THE SPIRIT of the Olympic Games has been sweeping the nation and it’s not just young people caught up in Olympic fever.

Older people in both Arbroath and Carnoustie have also been inspired to get active and try their hand at some more unusual ‘Olympic Sports’.

Seaton Grove in Arbroath and Carnoustie’s Camus House have both held their own games with residents keen to take part.

And participants were going for gold in a number of events including wellie throwing, inflatable hammer throwing, discus, basketball and the 20 yard race,

In addition there was hoopla, egg and spoon races, shot put, gymnastic ribbon dancing and blow football.

Participants adopted the costumes and flags of their chosen Olympic countries and each of those taking part also received a certificate and medal.

Both residences are Angus Council care centres and the local authority are delighted with the older people’s enthusiam.

A spokeswoman said: “The events have really brought out their competitive spirit, showing that even in their nineties, our Angus senior athletes haven’t lost their enjoyment of sports.”

As well as Arbroath and Carnoustie, residents at St Drostans House, Brechin and Beech Hill House, Forfar also took part.