Condor Choir set for Lulu of a gig

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The Military Wives Choir Condor are to join legendary Scottish singer Lulu on stage in Aberdeen during her latest UK tour.

The Arbroath-based choir will be backing the 67-year-old when she appears at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen, on March 21, singing new single ‘Cry’. Released on Friday, February 26, all proceeds from the single will be donated to The Military Wives Choir Foundation, to support service personnel and their families.

To support the single’s release, Lulu will perform ‘Cry’ with a different Military Wives Choir at each of her thirty-five UK tour dates throughout March and April. Diane Breach, chairperson of the Military Wives Choir Condor, told the Herald: “There will be 12 singers from each choir and we will be joining up with the Lossiemouth choir on stage in Aberdeen.

“We have just received the lyrics, which Lulu wrote with her brother Billy Lawrie, and tomorrow (Wednesday, February 3) we’ll be starting to learn and rehearse - although we have still to receive the music.

“We’ll only meet the Lossiemouth choir on the day, which will be a little nerve-wracking.”

Asked when she discovered her own choir would be participating in the tour, Diane said: “We communicate regularly with the foundation in London, so we knew what was happening. We just had to keep it quiet until the official announcement.”

Speaking on the website, Lulu said: “Having a different Military Wives Choir join me on stage every night will be a lot of fun. But on a more serious note, later in my life I was diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and what that did was help me to relate even more with our men and women in the armed forces.

“I realised I would like to do something to help, so we recorded ‘Cry’ and my brother and I rewrote the lyrics to apply specifically to the military.

“PTSD is not just about physical scars; it’s about the emotional scars, and they run very deep. They are enormous and very difficult to deal with. We need everybody’s support.”

Sara Scott, Trustee of The Military Wives Choirs Foundation, said: “We are delighted to team-up with the amazing Lulu for the release of ‘Cry’. Women are the strength behind the strong, and there is now a network of seventy-five choirs on military bases across the UK and overseas. The opportunity for different Military Wives Choirs to perform ‘Cry’ with Lulu at each date of her UK tour is such an honour.”

‘Cry’ will be available to download from Friday, February 26. It will also be available to buy at each of Lulu’s tour dates.