Company’s record stood for 30 days

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AN ARBROATH theatre company has been officially recognised as world beaters after smashing the Guinness World Record for staging the fastest theatrical production.

But their joy was shortlived as it was also revealed they only held the record for just 30 days before another group broke it again!

Back in March, the LimeLight Company staged the show ‘Guys and Dolls’ in less than 23 hours at the Webster Memorial Theatre.

In that time not only did they have to produce the show, but arrange scenery, costumes and props as well as sell tickets, with an audience of least 350 people needed to make it a viable attempt.

And they achieved the ambitious feat in a time of 22 hours and 46 minutes in front of a sell out audience.

Every single task that was carried out to make the achievement possible was noted down along with picture and video evidence.

This was sent to the Guinness World Records, who then decided the evidence that they received was more than enough to accept the record attempt.

And after a long wait, Guinness World Records confirmed they broke the record, but only held it for 30 days.

Michael Carlin, co-owner of LimeLight, explained: “It was a much longer wait than anticipated, and after a few hairy moments, we were finally told we had broken the record.

“It was a huge load off our shoulders, and feels fantastic that all the hard work that was put into the attempt finally paid off.

“Although we broke the record in March, we actually only held it for 30 days.

“Unfortunately, another group has broken the record since in a faster time. So, the record is not currently under The LimeLight Company’s name, for now!

“Let’s just say, we’re not going to let it go that easily!”

However, despite the fact the record is no longer held by the Limelight Company, fellow co-owner Chris O’Mara says everybody should be proud of what they achieved.

He added: “Looking back at the attempt on the Sunday after, I think everyone agreed that we would never do it again.

“Now, five months later, no feeling has come close to the sheer ‘seat of your pants’ thrill felt during the 24 hours.

“Nor has anything beaten the emotion of the standing ovation and the volume of noise the audience created.

“It may sound cheesy and clichéd but the emotional rollercoaster everyone went through was so up and down, and I think it’s something that people will remember for a long time.”

Anybody involved in the record breaking production can order an official Guinness World Record certificate by stating their role and contacting the company.

Meanwhile the LimeLight are finishing their final preparations for their next production, which is ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’, which begins on Wednesday (August 29) until Saturday, September 1.

It tells the story of the infamous barber and his partner in crime, Mrs Lovett, as they seek revenge throughout London, picking off their victims one by one.

Tickets are available from The Webster Theatre box office for what is being described as Arbroath’s first four-dimensional musical!

If you would like any more information on the attempt, or The LimeLight Company, contact them through facebook, or by e-mail at