Company on bottom of the world!

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AN ARBROATH based company had their world turned upside down over the festive period.

Squadron Prints Ltd., received an email wishing them season’s greetings which showed two of their prints on display at the geographic South Pole.

The news came as a shock to Berry Vissers and Gill Howie of Squadron Prints, who never expected to see any of their prints on display more than 10,000 miles away.

Last year, the aviation profile print company were asked to supply prints to the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge.

And Gill explained: “I asked if a photo could be taken if any of them actually made it to the South Pole as this would surely be the most unusual and furthest that any print had travelled. 

“Two pictures popped in to the company inbox and one was taken at the geographic South Pole and the other was taken at the ceremonial ‘Pole’ which is about 200 yards away where they do all the special shots for visitors and VIPs.

“Squadron Prints are seen all around the world but this has got to be the furthest and most unusual place in the world where our product has been on display!”