Community group frustrated by public apathy

An Arbroath community group is in limbo after their plans were left frustrated by a lack of public interest.

Timmergreen’s Action group held its annual general meeting last Monday, but despite distributing over 2,000 newsletter and an article in the Arbroath Herald no members of the public attended the meeting.

Undeterred it went ahead and the committee agreed to change the name to Tenants and Residents Uniting Timmergreens and Hospitalfield (TRUTH).

This allowed them to incorporate Hospitalfield into their group and the constitution was amended to reflect this.

However, after the serving committee stood down they were unable to reform because no one could be found to take on the role of chairperson.

Outgoing vice-chairperson Kevin Barthorpe said: “I was very frustrated at the lack turnout as a lot of effort goes into organising events for residents.

“Also if you look at what the group has done in working with the council and other organisations to improve the area for example the bin areas in Newton Crescent. This will no longer be possible unless the group can reform.

“There are also a lot of other projects that the group could look at for example looking at raising funds to help prevent the removal of equipment from parks that are used by local children.

“This group was set up by residents to look after the interests of others in the area it would be a shame to see this group fold because of lack of interest.

“I have local residents talk to me about how bad things are. If they want things to improve the only way to do this is by getting involved. A small committee of people can only do so much as they are all volunteers that have other things to do ”

Anyone interested in helping reform this group should contact Angus Councils Community Planning team on 01241 433259 or