Community council update

THE ROYAL Burgh of Arbroath Community Council held its monthly meeting last Wednesday at Volunteer Action Angus.

At the meeting Lucy Byatt from Hospitalfield House gave a talk on what the remit of the house is and at the same time gave the group an update of events that will take place.

The community council also announced it is to take part in the Glamis Gathering event on May 18 and 19.

They also confirmed that there will be a sub-committee formed to organise this year’s fireworks display which they hope will result in a bigger and more spectacular event to that of last year.

The community council is also working with Angus Council, Timmergreens Co-op and Timmergreens Action Group to try to improve safety at the car parks around the shop areas.

There is already a commitment to provide bollards to the rear car park to prevent delivery vehicles from mounting the walkway area.

It was also raised that residents in Mayfield and Hayshead are concerned about the danger at the Mayfield shops and believe there should be a one-way traffic system to make the road safer. It is was suggested that a petition be started to see what support there is for such project.

Anybody wanting to contact the community council can contact the secretary on 01241 4309387 or email