Community council is up and running


The Royal Borough of Arbroath and District Community Council held its inaugural meeting lastThursday evening (January 21).

The new community councillors met in the Volunteer Centre in Guthrie Port. The welcome and introductory remarks by the Interim Chairperson, Rachel Green of Angus Council, were followed by the selection of the office-bearers.

The positions were as follows: chairperson, Kevin Smith; vice-chair, Marc Ritchie; secretary, Julie Smith; treasurer, Morag Lindsay; planning contact, Jim Henderson. The other elected members were Ian Cameron, Chris Henderson, Diane Parry, Dennis Robb, James Shaw and Helen Wallace.

Following the selection of the office bearers the chair – Kevin Smith - thanked everyone for their support. The local Angus councillors were asked for their thoughts and advice for the new community council and Cllr David Fairweather stated that the new body “should not have its own agenda” and nothing should be done “behind closed doors.” He gave the new community councillors his 100 per cent backing.

Cllr Donald Morrison said community councils ‘‘can bring back community spirit, as had happened recently in Friockheim,’’ and Cllr Martyn Geddes reminded the members that a community council was the public’s first port of call, and they were able to offer support to new projects, such as the skatepark.

Cllr Ewan Smith said he had been waiting for the new council, as there had been “something missing” in Arbroath. He stated he had positive reports on Arbroath starting to “come out of the slump,” and with the regeneration plans this was “an exciting time” for the town. By aiming high and with energy, drive and ambition the new community council could unlock this potential. Mhairi Dickson (Angus Council), listed upcoming events and community schemes with which the council could become involved in.

The official minutes will be published on the Facebook Royal Borough of Arbroath and District website, and members of the public can contact the community councillors by mailing