Community council hears of town pothole problem

ARBROATH is suffering from a rash of potholes, the Community Council reported at their latest meeting.

In Angus alone, more than 1,000 of the hazards were dealt with by the roads department.

All of this comes after Angus Council approved a record investment in roads for 2011/12 to deal with the increasingly harsh winters in the region, and the result of weather-related road damage.

A representative of the authority’s roads department was at the meeting, and questions were answered about council plans for dealing with the potholes still extant from the winter.

Councillor Bob Spink, who sits on the infrastructure services committee, attributed the current situation to a combination of factors.

He said: “The problem is that on top of the new potholes created this year, we have a backlog of ones from last year that was never completed.”

He also described the council as “pretty well strapped for cash” in this department.

Councillor Spink continued: “Everyone is well aware of the problem of potholes. It isn’t just a local problem, but a national one.

“This is something I get a lot of ‘phone calls about. I’ve noticed when I’ve been driving around that it isn’t just the town roads, but the rural ones too that are in a shocking state.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The council was represented at the last Arbroath Community Council meeting and an officer gave a presentation on the council’s policy and prioritisation relating to potholes, which is in accordance with the national code of practice.

“We have filled in 2,600 potholes between January 1 and May 4 this year and are continuing to work our way round the remaining potholes as fast as possible.

“Although we routinely monitor our roads network, we will look into any reports from members of the public relating to potholes

“We can be contacted on the council’s ACCESSline 08452 777 778, or by emailing”