Climate Week events at Angus College


ANGUS College students of all ages supported the recent Climate Week, from the youngest in the nursery aged just three to one of the art students, Lesley, who is 54.

Lesley Gascoyne, an HNC contemporary art student, designed a conceptual piece of art to show the impact that littering has on the environment.

Alexander Cargill, sustainability representative on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), ran a campaign, ‘Keep our Campus Clean’, by getting students and staff to sign a pledge that they would not drop litter and would take a greater role in respecting their environs.

He also set up information boards with facts and figures on Climate Week to try to educate the students, and successfully introduced a re-usable drinks bottle campaign to highlight the waste of continually buying bottled drinks and to save on the students’ pocket.

The junior nursery students joined members of the SRC to make a robot they named Bebot Pixie out of junk and recyclable materials found around campus.

Angus College is continually monitoring and introducing new initiatives to its carbon reduction programme which was initiated in 2008 and has an ongoing ‘get with the green’ campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The college also took part in The Big Shutdown last weekend and will mark Earth Day on Sunday, April 22.

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