Claim toilets were closed for the ninth time

A BUSINESSMAN at Victoria Park claims Friday was the ninth time this year that the public toilets at the cliffs were closed.

Lovat Clement who runs the refreshment stand adjacent to the car park said Friday’s closure was just one of many this year, despite pledges by Angus Council to try and keep them open.

With the summer season upon us, and more visitors to the town enjoying the views on the walk between Arbroath and Auchmithie, Mr Clement explained that there should be facilities available as there is nothing else nearby.

And already he has had a number of visitors using his business complaining about the lack of a convenience.

He said: “This is the ninth time this year that the toilets have been closed and people are coming here and are getting more than slightly annoyed when they find they can’t use them.

“The nearest other toilets are right on the other side of the town centre, which is a long way to go.

“They should be open, especially at this time of year.”

An Angus Council contractor is responsible for opening and closing and maintaining the facilities.

But Mr Clement claims that graffiti has been left on the walls of the building for three weeks and the situation is sometimes so bad, he takes it upon himself to clean them.

He added: “I often go into the gents and the ladies when they are empty to make sure they are clean.

“These facilities need to be available for people.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council confirmed the toilets were closed on Friday but added they are working to resolve any problems.

She said: “There was disruption to the usual opening times of the toilets at Victoria Park on Friday, due to preparations for the weekend’s Seafront Spectacular, but the facilities were re-opened as soon as possible.

“There have been a few occasions this year when there have been issues relating to the opening of these toilets, but we are liaising with our cleaning staff contractor to resolve any problems as and when we become aware of them.”