Chelsea relic sought

AN ARBROATH man is keen to discover the fate of a very special football that was presented to a local school.

Mr Fred Herron (80), now of Hampton Hill, Middlesex, wants to know what became of the football signed by the 1972 Chelsea squad that his friend John Soutar acquired for Friockheim Primary School.

At the time Mr Soutar worked as head of security at Chelsea FC and a chance meeting with a former Friockheim Football Club secretary at a wedding prompted him to get a football signed by the entire first squad.

The ball was signed by such Chelsea legends as Peter Bonetti, Peter Osgood, John Hollins and Alan Hudson and presented to the primary school during a whist drive in November of 1972.

The ball spent some time on show in the school’s trophy case, but its current whereabouts are unknown.

Anyone with information on the current whereabouts of this particular football should contact the Arbroath Herald office on 01241 872274.