Chat leads to moneymaker for Arbroath lifeboat

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SQUADRON Prints Ltd., is known worldwide for their aviation profile prints and books but recently the small Arbroath-based company has started providing other items to the military including mugs and embroidered key fobs and patches.

Company directors Gill Howie and Berry Vissers were chatting with Barbara Cargill and Mary Gerrard of the Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild recently and during the conversation it was mentioned that there were not a lot of smaller memorabilia items for the 200-year celebration of the Bell Rock Lighthouse and quite a few people had been asking for small items.

That same day Berry designed a ‘Bell Rock 1811-2011’ key fob which will be for sale at the Arbroath lifeboat stall this weekend at Sea Fest.

It will be a limited edition of 200 of which 100 will be given to the Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild to sell in aid of funds for the Arbroath lifeboat. Squadron Prints will sell the other 100 over the internet so that it gives people worldwide the opportunity to buy a small item to mark the 200th anniversary of the lighthouse.

These limited edition key fobs are embroidered on twill material and measure about 5” x 1” wide. The Bell Rock one is embroidered on Arbroath’s famous Maroon colour with a border of silver thread. The embroidered Bell Rock is portrayed on one side with a gold thread beam depicting the beam of light! The reverse is also in maroon but with the words ‘BELL ROCK 1811 – 2011’.

As well as the Bell Rock key fob Squadron Prints has also designed an Arbroath lifeboat key fob and again they will be donated to the lifeboat guild to raise funds. Based on the station’s red, white and blue colours one side shows the lifeboat ‘RNLB Inchcape’ and the reverse says ‘ARBROATH LIFEBOAT’.

The key fobs will be available from the Arbroath lifeboat souvenir stall at Sea Fest Tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday and thereafter at the Arbroath lifeboat shed’s souvenir shop.

Each key fob sold will realise £4 for Arbroath lifeboat.