Charmain back in Arbroath

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In an update to the story in this week’s Herald, the body of Charmain Spears has now returned home to Arbroath.

Charmain’s mother, Linda Speirs, posted the following on the Charmain Speirs memorial Facebook page on Thursday (December 3): “It is with a lot of mixed emotions that we bring you this news. Charmain will be home with us all in Arbroath tomorrow, back where she belongs with her family and friends that love her and know her. She will be laid to rest on Thursday. The service will take place at George Stewart’s at 10:30 am and then out to the Western Cemetery where she will be laid to rest with her brother Craig and her Grandad. We would like to invite all Charmain’s family and friends to say their last goodbyes and pay their respects and would also like to thank each and everyone of you for being with us all through out these heartbreaking last 9 months xxx Linda, Peter and family.”

Charmain’s body was returned to the UK after the collapse of husband Eric Adusah’s murder trial. Held in the Ghanaian city of Accra, the trial collapsed after a report by the Attorney General said there was no evidence connecting him to the death of his wife. Eric Adusah is a pastor, now based in London.

Charmain (41), who was three months pregnant, was found dead in the bath of her hotel room in Koforidua in March and, with Ghanaian court proceedings now over, her body has been repatriated.

It is understood Essex Police have launched a fresh investigation into the circumstances of Charmain’s death and an autopsy has already been carried out, although the results will not be made public for a few weeks.

An Essex Police statement read: “Essex Police can confirm that it is looking into the circumstances of the death of Charmain Adusah, which occurred in Ghana earlier this year.

“This investigation is taking place following a discussion between the police and the coroner regarding the requirement to undertake an inquest following the death of a British national abroad.”