Charity hands over 25 per cent to council

A CHARITY photographic exhibition raising money for a forces charity is being told to hand over 25 per cent of sales to Angus Council.

At the moment, Horseback UK are using Arbroath Library as a venue for a photo exhibition with the photographer saying he is willing to give 100 per cent of what he makes from sales to the charity.

However, 25 per cent of the total sale has to be given to the council, meaning the charity may lose out on vital funds.

A visitor to the exhibition at the library who had travelled from Liverpool to view it says it was “outrageous” that is was happening.

He said: “It is such a shame that the library is taking 25 per cent for each sale when the photographer is willing to give 100 per cent to the charity. 

“I thought it was a public library - funded by the council.

“How is it that they need to take money away from our heroes? If a picture sells for £200 then they are taking £50 for each picture that is sold. I think it is outrageous.”

But a spokeswoman for Angus Council said it is standard procedure for this to occur.

She explained: “As is standard procedure for any other exhibitor who receives free exhibition space and use of facilities at council libraries,  Horseback UK –  a charity for armed forces personnel – is charged 25 per cent commission on the prints they sell at Arbroath Library.”