Cat Protection open day

The Arbroath and Carnoustie branch of the Cats Protection gave us a behind the scenes look at their shelter centre ahead of their open day.

On Sunday the ladies of the Cats Protection will be inviting the general public to come along and meet the cats who call the shelter at Kinaldie Holdings home.

The centre contains all the facilities needed to care for and rehome cats, such as spacious pens, family areas, isolation pens for sick animals and a utility cabin to feed and treat them.

Arbroath branch coordinator Sharyn Wood said: “Anyone getting a cat from us is ensured of it being in good health and if not then they are made aware of this and have accepted it.

“If you break down the 432 from last year you have more than one cat being rehomed a day. We’ve got a waiting list for cats people are wanting to give up for various reasons.”

There are 36 volunteers working in shifts every day to keep the adoption centre running; cleaning the pens, feeding the cats, taking them to the vets, collecting new admissions or helping to catch feral cats.

The centre is also open to the public every day between 2 and 4 p.m. for people interested in rehoming one of their charges.

The volunteers are an essential part of the centre according to Sharyn. She said: “It is quite common we get a lot of people who come in to volunteer for a few months work during a gap in their life until something else comes along and we are happy to have their time.

“Some of them came out to get a cat, realised the situation and then end up volunteering.

“Volunteering is a good thing to get on your CV if you’re unemployed and we are able to give a reference for someone who has worked well with us.

“We’ve had so much help from various people in the community and lots of really good volunteers who have gone way beyond what they agreed to do to begin with.”

A big issue for the Cats Protection League lies in assisting owners on low incomes to neuter their pets and cut down on the number of abandoned animals.

Sharyn said: “We offer help to people on low incomes and we offer to either give them a voucher towards the neutering or pay for the whole neutering. There are so many unneutered cats is a big issue and we are trying to control that.

“I would say that it’s a bit of an issue with us but there are areas throughout the country that it’s a very big issue.”

The open day runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday and is free to enter. There will be on offer strawberry teas and coffees, home baking, books, cat goods and bargain stalls.

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