Cash to help buggy scheme

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AN ARBROATH CHARITY has received a £6,000 grant so they can continue their work with young people in the town.

The Oyster Trust has received the money from the Lloyds TSB Foundation and it will go towards their buggy initiative.

Trust volunteer Mike Rennie, who has been taking a welding course at Angus College, has constructed a series of buggies that could be used by youngsters in the town.

The parts for the vehicles are provided by Tayside Police from stolen or impounded motorbikes, and it is hoped the initiative will give youngsters a project to focus on.

Mike said: “The idea is that the scheme will give these people something fun and meaningful to do. They will help to build and maintain the buggies, as well as drive and maybe even race them.”

The grant is one of many that has been donated to the Oyster Trust by the Lloyds TSB foundation and Sheila Dunphy from the Trust’s management committee is pleased with yet another award.

She said: “We were delighted to get this award from the Foundation, particularly as securing funding is not easy these days.

“The money will help us to continue our work with young people in the town. The trust hopes that the buggies initiative will become another successful way of introducing interesting things to do for Arbroath’s young people.”

r Pictured are some of the students from Angus College in one of the buggies.