Carnoustie Country swansong

Golfers competing in the 2014 World Hickory Open at Panmure. Pic: Photography � Carnoustie Country.
Golfers competing in the 2014 World Hickory Open at Panmure. Pic: Photography � Carnoustie Country.

After five highly successful years in Carnoustie Country, 2016 could be the final time the World Hickory Open will be played there.

Lionel Freedman, organiser and co-founder of the World Hickory Open, said: “Never say never. “But we’ve enjoyed a wonderful five years of competing Carnoustie Country’s wonderful links courses, which are in and around the county of Angus, and we’re leaving on a high, with the World Hickory Open 2016 being played at Panmure from October 10-14.

“The 2016 World Hickory Open is a great opportunity for hickory golfers of all levels to play on a top class links course, using hickory clubs similar to those used by golfers at Panmure over a century ago and, if so desired, wearing traditional clothing of the era.”

Lionel explained that The World Hickory Open, which is open to amateur and professional golfers, attracts many of the world’s top hickory golfers, including previous winners Paolo Quirici from Switzerland; Rick Valentine, who is the grandson of famous ladies golfer, Jessie Valentine; and last year’s winner, Andrew Marshall.

“During our time in Carnoustie Country, our reputation has continued to grow and the World Hickory Open is now an unmissable event in the international hickory golf calendar,” Lionel continued.

He said that hickory golf is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

“Every year, there are more entrants and we’re currently on course to reach 120 competitors. “They will be travelling to Panmure from 18 different countries, including Australia, Dubai, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and, for the first time, China and Japan.

“Carnoustie Country is incredibly popular with hickory golfers, possibly on account of the excellent links courses and rich golfing heritage of this area, where golf has been played for over 450 years,” said Lionel. “We will be sad to leave – but we’re really looking forward to our Carnoustie Country swansong in October.”

The 2016 World Hickory Open starts on October 10 with a warm-up team competition, followed by the tournament on October 11 and 12 and finishing with a special two-day International Triangular Match played at Arbroath.