Care and Repair tackle climate change

AN ANGUS charity have been awarded funding to help the elderly and disabled reduce their carbon footprint.

Angus Care and Repair hope the scheme will not only help tackle climate change but also help save money on energy use.

Staff will be trained to carry out home energy advice visits and talk to groups who would like to get involved in low carbon initiatives.

Officers will also work closely with the Energy Savings Trust who facilitate the government’s energy assistance package for advice, draught proofing, insulation, and heating.

Manager Judith Leslie said: “This is great news, Angus residents have been missing out on these services which are already available in all our neighbouring counties, so it’s good to know we can look forward to providing our clients with what is a much needed project.”

And Angus Council leader Iain Gaul also praised the new initiative.

He added: “I am delighted that Angus Care and Repair have been awarded this funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Fund.

“Angus Council supports Angus Care and Repair to provide advice and assistance to older and disabled people to help them to repair, improve or adapt their homes to enable them to remain at home in comfort.

“This additional funding will enable Care and Repair to provide a further service to these residents giving them advice on how to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions – helping reduce our carbon footprint while saving householders money.”

The official launch of the project will be announced later in the summer.