Cardiac charity single honours cousin’s memory

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A FORMER Arbroath musician has released a charity single to pay tribute to the memory of his cousin.

Dean Darkie, who is currently studying music at the University of Western Scotland Ayr, released ‘Lily Pond’ on Thursday in memory of Michael Cadman.

Michael, a student in sound production at Perth College, passed away suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition at the age of 17.

According to Dean, Michael was a great musical inspiration. He explained: “Michael, my two brothers and I went to guitar lessons together.

“We also recorded together a couple of times which was my first experience of recording. It feels right to be paying tribute to him through music.”

The single ‘Lily Pond’ was written shortly after Michael’s death 2007 and is based on a children’s story related to Dean by his grandmother.

He said: “The story of the water bug’s transformation into a dragonfly really struck a chord with my family at the time.

“The story describes a dragonfly nymph who’s time comes to metamorphose. When he tries to tell his nymph friends about what’s happened to him he finds he can no longer go under water.

“I think the story was first published as a children’s book by Doris Stickney in the 1980s but no one’s sure where we heard it first.”

The single was recorded by Dean’s band ‘Rebs and the Imaginary Friends’ and was launched in the Basement Coffee House in Ayr.

All proceeds are going to the charity Cardiac Risk In the Young to help raise awareness and promote free heart screenings in young people.

The single is available to download at