Capturing the spirit of Burns

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Burns lovers will have the chance to see a unique version of the Bard’s life at a special show later this month.

Tickets are on sale now for ‘The Spirit of Robbie Burns’ which will be performed at the Comrie Hall, Carnoustie, on Sunday, January 25.

Written by Robbie Murray, and produced by James Hutcheson, it tells the life story of famed Scots poet Robert Burns using a unique mix of narrative, song, poetry and dialogue.

Mr Murray explained: “Since the time I won a Burns prize in my school days I have always felt a strong affinity with his life and works.

“Technically this is not a play. It’s more of a presentation using a mixture of dialogue and narrative and of course Burns’ works. I like to think of this format as being quite theatrical with the added well-known songs and poems.

“Robert Burns himself is with us. He has shaken off his mortal coil to give us the story of some of the main elements in his life hence the title ‘The Spirit of Robbie Burns’. Additionally a few of the characters in his life are present with us too.”

Mr Murray added: “I have attended many Burns Suppers and whilst enjoyable I have always felt that more detail about Rabbie’s life and the characters in it would have been an asset.

“I thought at one time of writing a stage play, and perhaps may yet do so, but when I realised how immense such a task would be I came to the conclusion that a ‘presentation’ such as this would be unique and could fill the gap in the ‘theatre of Burns’ that is missing in Suppers.”

Tickets are £8 available from the Fobel Shop, Carnoustie, or from James Hutcheson at Webmors restaurant. Price includes refreshments and proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation.