Can’t ‘weight’ for this year’s Sea Fest

Arbroath SeaFest
Arbroath SeaFest

Arbroath Sea Fest 2014 is going from strength to strength ... because this year’s event will feature a Strong Man competition.

There’s plenty of time to hit the gym for the event which takes place at Arbroath Harbour on August 9-10.

Chris Henderson, the newest member of Arbroath Sea Fest Committee, the team of dedicated volunteers who organise this highly-successful annual event, said: “We’re still in the early stages of planning this competition but it will be a great addition to the Sea Fest programme.

“We’re hoping to have a traditional weight lifting contest, as well as a stone lift and maybe even a contest to pull one of the vintage buses which will be on show at Sea Fest.”

Chris explained that, to ensure the competitors’ safety is uppermost, the competition is being run in conjunction with the Warehouse Gym in Arbroath, who will be overseeing the competition, as well as providing training tips and advice.

“The Sea Fest Committee is keen to ensure as many local businesses as possible are involved in and benefit from this event,” he continued.

“Over the Sea Fest weekend, it’s not only the area around Arbroath Harbour that’s packed with local people and visitors – the whole town is busy and has a fabulous atmosphere. I’m the owner of The Millgate Bar and I always notice an increase in business over the Sea Fest Weekend.

“Sea Fest is very good for Arbroath, boosting the town’s reputation and economy by attracting more than 25,000 visitors in the space of two days.

“To ensure the weekend-long event continues to have such pulling power to people from near and far, we need to ensure Sea Fest continues to provide a really good day out for all the family, with lots to do and see.

“This is why we are always looking for new and different ideas for the entertainment programme – such as this year’s Arbroath Sea Fest Strong Man Competition!”

“At the moment, we only intend holding a Strongest Man Competition. If there’s sufficient interest, we would consider adding a Strongest Woman Competition.”

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