Campaigner’s call for cliff lifebelts

An Arbroath father who has campaigned for safety measures at the cliffs has renewed his call for the installation of lifebelts.

Kevin Barthorpe has said he will keep pushing for the safety devices after it was ruled last week that the death of Marine Ralph Hebden who fell from the cliffs was a tragic accident.

Mr Barthorpe’s daughter, Nicole, was just 11 when she died after an accident at the cliffs almost 11 years ago.

He said: “There is no solution to prevent all danger at the cliffs because they are constantly changing due to coastal erosion, which would make a fence impractical.

“But I believe the best thing would be lifebelts.

“They won’t work in all circumstances but they might give someone a better chance and they only cost £70.

“Maybe it is something the Scottish Government should look at as we know local authority finances are strained.

“There will always be cost implications but what about the cost of a life?”