Calls for tighter controls on owners

AS THE Arbroath Herald’s campaign to rid the streets of dog mess continues, local people have been offering their solutions to the dirty problem.

Over the past month, the Herald has had a massive response from readers who all seem to agree that people not cleaning up after their pets is a real problem.

And every week we have been naming and shaming some of the town’s streets where you have to watch your feet.

But with the problem still continuing to plague the town, readers have been offering their own suggested fixes.

Alice Dewar, who has spent time in Montreal, Canada came up with one solution involving owners being forced to closely monitor their dogs.

She explained: “All dogs must be on a leash all of the time both on the street or in the park.

“If the rules are not adhered to owners get a fine.

“However, the dogs do have a fenced off area in the park where they can run freely.”

Meanwhile, John Dorrit told the Herald that catching more people failing to clean up after their pets might force them to think again.

He added: “We need to have dog and community wardens out and about at times and places dogs are walked.

“Rather than an instant fine they should be reported for summoning before a magistrate who could then apply an appropriate punishment, like a community service order like picking up dog poo and litter under supervision.”

Meanwhile, readers are still letting us know the worst affected streets in Arbroath in a bid to name and shame the areas blighted by the problem.

And this week, Nicola Taylor, a childminder in the town told us: “I would like to add Seafield Road to the list especially where the newer houses are, as many times there is mess in the middle of my gate and also on Abbottsford Road.

“Just this week walking to St Thomas Primary School to collect my son, I walked on the pavement along the fence of Seaton Park and counted 28 bags of dog mess along that bit of grass, amongst numerous beer bottles, cans and rubbish.

“I often walk my dog to school to collect my son and there are litter bins and one dog bin at Mayfield shops then nothing until the High Street.

“My dog often goes to the toilet on the way and I have to carry the bag to the school, wait for my son and then back to the nearest bin at the shops.

“They really could be doing with some sort of bin on that road.”

l What do you think? Could these solutions work? Is the dog mess problem getting better or worse.

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Also keep letting us know the worst affected streets for our poo points feature.