John M. Henderson
John M. Henderson

The shock closure of John M. Henderson & Co. engineering firm in Arbroath has left more than a bitter taste in the mouths of former employees.

Speaking to the Arbroath Herald, a keyholder and safety officer at the firm has suffered health problems as a result of the traumatising redundancy.

“You’ve not just lost your job, you’ve lost your dignity, you’ve lost your manhood, you’ve lost your ability to provide for your family.

“I am really pee-ed off at how spineless the management have been.

“You can’t tell me they didn’t know. Administration does not happen overnight,” he said, wishing to remain anonymous as he desperately tries to find a new job. “I have sent 76 emails and job applications in the last week and not had a single reply.

A group of ex employees are frustrated at the way the situation is handled and are suspicious that the financial state of the company was kept a secret from employees.

Our source continued: “There was a Commitment to Excellence meeting three weeks ago and the head of the production looked us all in the eye and told us that the company had never been in better shape.

“For all that time we worked there and worked hard for Hendersons and it’s like water off a duck’s back for them.”

Graeme Dey, Angus South MSP, sympathises with the workers: “I understand entirely that sense of frustration because quite evidently this wasn’t a new situation, it had been building over a period of time.”

Our source also claimed that workers have not been paid for their last week of work, nor their week in lieu as well as holiday pay being non-existent: “I have spoken to JMH about reclaiming this, but it could be anywhere around 12 weeks or more to claim it back from insurers.”

Monthly paid workers were informed they would be handed a capped statutory redundancy from the government, but the hope of finding a buyer remains bleak.