Sights set on e-market

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An Arbroath author has turned to the world of e-publishing after years of bad luck saw his children’s poetry kept in the closet.

Calum D. Robertson (48), who works off-shore as part of Sodexo’s catering crew, has been writing for 25 years and more recently has taken up performance poetry, taking his work on the road to Angus schools.

He said: “Just after I got married and moved house my wife had some old books that I had never heard of, some weird stuff and it fuelled my imagination to have a go at writing.”

Calum has been submitting his work to a host of different publishers and producers and has a sheaf of very positive responses, but in each case something has gone wrong: filming had already wrapped on a BBC programme; reduced budgets; one publisher did not have a children’s section and another publishing company had switched to a marketing firm.

Now Calum’s first anthology of children’s verse, ‘It’s Raining Purple Bananas And Other Such Stuff’, is available as an e-book now.

He said: “That first book is all sorts of nonsense stuff along the lines of Dr Seuss and a lot of the stuff is about monsters, witches and demons.

“Some of them are based on true stories and some of them are not!”

Calum has been touring his material at schools throughout Angus and performs his work in full costume and runs activities and presents medals for the best work.

He said: “When we’re doing it at school the kids love all that stuff as they get to dress up and act it out, it’s very interactive.”

Calum is also appealing to the Angus artistic community for help as has struggled to find an illustrator to bring his creations to life.

He said: “One of the difficulties is getting an illustrator, I’m finding that really difficult. If I had an illustrator to back me up it would maybe give me a better chance with the main stream publishers.”

Calum can be contacted on