Poetry in motion at Circle

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Poet Lindsay McGregor conducted a workshop on her chosen medium at the March meeting of Angus Writers’ Circle.

Last Wednesday Lindsay, who has been writing poetry for five years, opened her workshop by asking her audience how they approached writing and what difficulties they faced. Replies included ‘getting in the mood’, ‘overcoming writer’s block’ and ‘finding the correct angle’.

Lindsay then introduced Circle members to ‘The Sightseers’, by Paul Muldoon, and ‘If’, by Hanna Low.

The two poems were discussed and Lindsay skilfully used the material and the members’ comments to illustrate and explain some of the many different ways and styles poets use to write verse.

The second half of the evening began by Lindsay asking members to write a few lines of verse on any subject that had made an impression on them. Then she asked folk to read out what they had written. To their surprise results were quite good. The members who wrote a lot of poetry produced some lovely lines, but even those who did not write poetry regularly were positively encouraged to continue developing their emerging skill.

President David Wren thanked Lindsay for conducting the workshop and showing that there is a poet inside everyone.

The Angus Writers’ Circle meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7.30-10 p.m. in the Rosely Hotel. New members are always welcome. For details call secretary Sandra Ireland 01241 410346.