New information portals promised

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ANGUS Council is to replace seven tourist information signs around the town after concerns they were becoming worn and old.

The signs at various locations in Arbroath point out attractions and places of interest to visitors to the town with some providing a street map.

However, the Herald uncovered that many of the signs were becoming dirty and hard to read and wouldn’t be of any assistance to tourists.

And our photographer captured a rather faded sign at the corner of Brothock Bridge and Burnside Drive.

It was also pointed out by a reader that the road train timetable signs, especially the one located at the Harbour, was what he described as ‘filthy’ and also out of date as it was from three years ago.

And with the summer season and school holidays now upon us, Arbroath could be in line for an influx of visitors.

And after the Herald brought the state of the signs to the council’s attention, a spokeswoman confirmed that seven are set to be replaced.

She also added that the local authority would be looking into the condition of the road train timetables too.

The spokeswoman explained: “Tourist information signs in both of the main Arbroath car parks were replaced last year.

“Design work is under way for the replacement of a further seven tourist information signs at various locations within the town, including the one at the corner of Brothock Bridge and Burnside Drive.

“These will be replaced as soon as is practical.

“We are grateful to have had the condition of the road train timetable sign drawn to our attention and will investigate to see if it needs to be refurbished or replaced.”