New firm founded on burning issue

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An Arbroath tradesman is bucking the economic curve and helping people to avoid rising energy costs with his new venture.

Self-employed master carpenter and joiner Steve Beattie has formed a second business, Tayside Stoves, in response to the growing popularity of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Steve has worked locally for the last 10 years and it was only recently that he became interested in installing multi-fuel stoves.

He said: “My introduction to wood-burning stoves goes back about two and a half years when I was working on the renovation of a house for a customer who was interested in having one installed.

“I really enjoyed the work that was involved for that first one and decided to install one in my own house which didn’t appear to even have a fireplace. However, by dropping a weight attached to a line down the chimney, we discovered the house had at one time had a range, uncovered that area and put in a stove.

“That was followed by another for a member of my family and then word of mouth just saw demand take off.”

According to Steve wood-burning stoves are a more fuel-efficient method for heating your home. He said: “Everyone is looking for fuel efficiency these days and a stove gives you just that. It is so much more efficient than an open fire where most of the heat goes up the chimney. The design of stoves has improved incredibly over the last few years, too, and a stove can add a really homely focal point to any room.”

He added: “I keep expecting things to quieten down, but they’ve done anything but. A lot of customers come to me having seen galleries of my work on my Tayside Stoves website because one thing I am very particular about is the overall finish of the job.”

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