Multi-million investment

THE MULTI-million pound cost of keeping the infrastructure of Angus maintained to a high standard was revealed at Tuesday’s meeting of Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee.

Members heard that tenders to the value of £6,089,180 had been issued between April, 2010, and March of this year.

This investment paid for works across the county, including flood prevention, street lighting repairs, carriageway resurfacing and bridge maintenance.

All the projects were valued at under £500,000 and were awarded under delegated powers by the head of roads.

In a further report to the committee, plans to utilise the roads and transport renewal and repairs fund for 2011/12 were approved.

Projects to the value of £2.4 million will include harbour works, traffic works, public transport provision, street lighting upgrading and replacement, along with road engineering and surfacing work.

The renewal and repair fund allows the council to deal with emergency or unforeseen expenses relating to the council’s essential infrastructure.

Convener Councillor David May said: “The upkeep of the county’s infrastructure is a challenge for the council, but with investment we will continue to ensure that it is properly maintained for the benefit of residents and the local economy.”